MiLi Skinmate+ Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

MiLi checks on skin and storage for iOS | Globaltv 18 January | GetConnected

Mike is in at Global talking about his discovery of MiLi at the CES 2016 show in Las Vegas. Skinmate, iData and Pure sure do innovate! ------- Engage with us!

MiLi Skinmate UV Detector - CES 2016

Stay safe in the sun with the MiLi Skinmate UV Detector. Jim Galpin tells us how you can use this little device to determine the UV index outside and protect your ...

Tech that's skin deep -- in a good way! MiLi Skinmate | CES 2016 | GetConnected

Andy talks to Jim from MiLi about tech that can save your skin! The MiLi Skinmate allows the user to monitor their sun exposure and send reminders to reapply ...

Need more storage on your phone? No problem! The MiLi iData Pro | CES 2016 | GetConnected

AJ talks to Jim from MiLi about the iData Pro. A super-cool device that blows your storage capacity away - simply and effectively. GetConnected at CES 2016 is ...

Skin Tech! Measuring skin moisture with MiLi Pure | CES 2016 | GetConnected

Talking about a cool gadget called the MiLi Pure that measures the moisture level of your skin! Watch Andy take the LIVE before and after skin test!

MiLi iData Pro Advanced Features

MiLi spreads the range from external battery to car/socket chargers, cables, power extension, convenient mobile power solution and smart phone accessories.

Decibullz give Andy a techie wet willy! | CES 2016 | GetConnected

Andy meets Kyle from Decibullz and leaves with wet ears and custom folded earphones while doing the interview! Decibullz are a fantastic cost-effective solution ...

UV index animation

Animation i made for a project back in 8th grade.

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